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A note from the creator…

Dear Family,

I remember going to college and feeling like #BlackGirlMagic had to be fake, because it certainly didn’t apply to me. The same rich and diverse community that I love so much was the same community that I didn’t feel good enough, woke enough, pretty enough to be apart of. But in a quiet place, God met me and told me that Blackness--my Blackness-- is a reflection of His image. And that makes me and all of my messiness beautiful. I wish I would have known that truth sooner. So, through this web series, that’s the gift that I want to share with you. My incredibly talented collaborators and friends are hard at work to serve you by showing you reflections of yourself through storytelling and media. Inspired by my favorite poetry, music, and literature, this is a project directly from my heart to your screens. Come along along with us on this journey and let us love you well.


Micah Ariel Watson

The Series…

Black Enough is an intimate and poetic web series about what it means to survive in the Black community. The story follows Amaya, an insecure dancer and her kaleidoscope of friends, as she checks off ingredients from her #BlackGirlMagic Potion in order to survive at a predominantly white college. As she navigates the struggles of transitioning into her natural hair, she fights her own demons of feeling less than loved.  In her attempt to find wholeness and community, her illusive goal costs her pieces of herself that she may not be willing to lose.

Amaya’s story is what we feel when we think no one is watching. It’s what we think, but can only articulate to our own reflections. It’s those minutes we spend in the mirror dreaming of a future that we don’t have the balls do go after. It’s an ode to the inadequacy that our own communities make us feel. This intimate exploration of the stereotypes, nuances, and realities of Blackness in America feels as cinematically dreamlike as it does—[maybe a little too]—personal. Whether or not you’re a Black woman, this show is about how we see ourselves. And for Amaya it’s, well, not Black Enough…

We believe that there is no singular way to be Black. Instead, Blackness is a kaleidoscope of reflections of God’s image. We’re a digital space where young Black people can feel heard. Black Enough is a digital and artistic movement that makes room for intimate explorations of complex, nuanced, and flawed Black people. We’re talking about protest, we’re talking about hair, we’re talking about faith, we’re talking about dating…and everything in-between. We’re sharing stories, we’re asking questions, we’re making art. We’re talking about the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!