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Meet Music Supervisor, VitaminCea

Charity Hicks, also known as VitaminCea, is a musician from Mississippi. Known for her distinctive sound rooted in honesty, soul, and universally optimistic vibes, she is one of the state’s most refreshing acts. And… she also happens to be Black Enough’s Music Supervisor! You’re gonna be vibing to her amazing music when the show premieres in the Fall, so we thought we should give you the chance to get to know the artist behind the tunes.

How did you become a musician? What is the path that led you here?

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I’ve always been around music, my whole life. Growing up in a Black, non-denominational church would have to be one of the greatest influences on me following the musical path. I used to sing in my church choir whether it was for Vacation Bible School, youth sundays, visiting my grandma’s church in Alabama, or even the daily harmonizing with my sisters and mom. I was always musically expressing myself. I’m a writer before anything so it was mainly poems, stories, songs, and anything else I felt in a given moment. It wasn’t until one of my friends let me borrow her MP3 player that I started writing raps in middle school. I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular rap but by the time 8th grade rolled around, I was sneaking to listen to everything! I was introduced to Young Money and the rest was history.

How has being from Mississippi influenced your artistry?

I don’t know how it hasn’t. Mississippi is literally all I know. My Mississippi roots have influenced my work ethic, my sound, my drive, my vision. People from Mississippi are so often overlooked and disregarded. Because of this, I have always known how vital the grind and hustle really are. Being from where I am from also allows me to be who I am. So many generations of strength and resilience reside here. The soil here so fertile, when you are really truly rooted, you have no choice but to grow, glow, and go forth and prosper.

Tell us a little about the process of creating JoyFull Noise.

That was such a messy, beautiful, exciting, terrifying, exhilarating process. While some of the songs were created before I even knew that a project would come about, the bulk of it happened over a span of Fall and Spring semesters. I was in a place in life that I hadn’t been before during each. I’d just transferred to Jackson State University from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and it was my first time living away from home. I was initially going back and forth from Jackson to the coast for sessions with my musical family, Remedy, just creating, scrapping, recreating, learning to record myself, trying to find the perfect structure to keep the project cohesive. THEN fast forward to the spring and a whole lot of life stuff happens, and I’m redoing everything that I thought was done with a different engineer, in a whole different head space. It was such a daunting process to me and to this day I know I could’ve done so many things differently but JoyFull Noise is my baby. I had no clue what I was doing but God was gracious and allowed many people who’ve experienced it to be receptive.

What is your favorite song or video or project you've created?

My favorite song, to this day would have to be #CoppinCea. Only because before writing it, I didn’t even realize how capable I was of creating something of that caliber. I challenged myself on a Christmas break during a family trip and that was the result.

Why are you excited about Black Enough?

I am excited about Black Enough because it is long overdue honestly. Unconventional Black girls deserve to be seen and heard and that’s what I feel Black Enough is doing. I feel like there will be so many different people, even some who you wouldn’t think could relate to Amaya who will truly learn so much or be comforted in their similar stories and feelings. I believe it is crucial for us to educate, celebrate, study, and applaud ourselves regardless if those around us do or not! Black Enough demands we be seen and heard, even if it is just by each other. Which is more than enough.

What has been your favorite part of working on the show?

It would definitely have to be incorporating my musical genius homies in the process. I’m from Mississippi and I feel like I am already friends/family with some of the dopest musical artists of this time. To be able to have the responsibility of curating the music for the webseries is one I am honored to have and do not take lightly.

What does #BlackGirlMagic mean to you?

Black Girl Magic encompasses so much. It’s knowing we are strong but still not even grasping how powerful we TRULY are because this is all we have been since our existences began. It is resilience and grace. It is unconditionally loving self and those around us. Black girl magic is a way of life and being. Not a cute cliche t-shirt or something to use as an IG caption when you can’t think of any of your favorite song lyrics. It is REALLY walking in the divinity God has woven within us. It’s not easy and it’s a constant battle every day but it’s possible. And worth it.

What's one fun fact about you?

I absolutely love chips. I STAN chips. Whoever invented them needs a nobel peace prize and their face on a 20 dollar bill. If I could get all my nutritional values from classic lays and nacho cheese Doritos, the world would be much more bearable.

You can listen to JoyFull Noise here. You can also follow VitaminCea on twitter and instagram. And make sure you watch Black Enough when it airs in Fall 2019 to hear some of her original music!

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