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Meet the Cast of Black Enough

The moment you've all been waiting for! Below, meet the beautiful, blessed, Black artists that make up Black Enough. These are the ones who will make you laugh, make you cry. The ones you'll fall in love with, and hey, you may less-than-love a few of them! And that's okay. That'll only be because each one of these actors does an AMAZING job portraying them. Hear from them, check them out on social media, and then start counting down the days until you see them on your screen in 2019.

Tiffany Gordon

From Phoenix, Arizona

What does it mean to be Black enough?

Black not only is a state of being, but is a strong expression of culture, ethnicity and complexion. In many ways the inevitable expression of being black can be perceived as a hindrance in society. To be Black Enough means that you are able to separate your being Black from validating whether you are enough to fulfill your purpose on this earth.

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Natalie Pendie

From Alexandria, Virginia

What does it mean to be Black enough?

Being Black Enough means being unapologetically yourself and embracing all of the aspects about you that people want to chastise you for. It is knowing your self-worth and drowning out all of the nay-sayers who try to make you feel uncomfortable in YOUR OWN SKIN. Being Black Enough for me, should be being me; for you, should be being you, and for the nay-sayers, should be a WAKE UP CALL.

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Randy Melton

From Waterbury, Connecticut

Why is Black Enough important?

There is no standard to being Black. By existing Black, you are already Black Enough. This series elaborates beautifully on that. It is timeless and opens the door for conversation within the Black community

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Denise Gordon

From Miramar, FL

What about Black Enough makes you most excited?

What I love about Black Enough is that it gives young black artists the chance to showcase their talent and bring characters to life to create quality content.

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Ugochi Nriaka

From New City, NY

What does it mean to be Black enough?
To be Black enough means to exist freely as a Black person, in all circumstances

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Branika Scott

From Sugar Grove, Virginia

What makes you most excited about Black Enough?

The thing that makes me most excited about Black Enough is telling a truth that many experience, but few ever know about. There are a lot of people who will relate to this show and feel like they finally have an ACCURATE representation of their experiences and that’s incredible!  

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Milton Jackson

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Why is Black Enough important?

Representation and Self Identification! It showcases the highs and lows of navigating “what it means to be Black” in a not so Black space, and it breaks down the stereotypes of what Black should be and embraces the creativity, versatility and overall magic that Black IS.

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Chiquita Melvin

From Atlanta, Georgia

Why is Black Enough important?

It's important because we need to see stories that touch on every facet of the Black experience. We are not a monolith and with our integrated, assimilated society there are real self-identifying issues that creep into our daily experiences and need to be showcased. I think it's particularly important that Black Enough focuses on the college experience because college is the conduit into adulthood for many Black Americans, so how one comes to identify themselves in college usually translates into how they see themselves and approach the world post-college. It's a pinnacle time of self-identification.

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Brandi Mcleain

From New Haven, Connecticut

What makes you most excited about Black Enough?

I am most excited to be around Black people! I just spent 4 years at a PWI that did not create a space for people of color to collaborate and shine. Creating art with/for my people is a dream come true.

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Isaac Tolliver

From Gary, Indiana

What does it mean to be Black Enough?

To be Black Enough, means to be completely comfortable in your skin, and confident in who you are. There is no requirement on how much ‘blackness’ you should posses. You’ve already got it in you.

Taylor Leigh Lamb

From Virginia Beach, Virginia

What makes you most excited about Black Enough?

Art by, for, and about Black people is the type of art I want to create for the rest of my life. I’m so excited to be involved in this project that cares for and loves Black people deeply.

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