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Meet Ugochi Nriaka, Hadiyah on Black Enough

Ugochi Nriaka, also known as Ugo, is an actress and singer from New City, NY. She plays Hadiyah on Black Enough

How did you get interested in acting/performing?

I got interested in acting and performing when I met up with an English teacher named Mrs. Solomon in middle school who put me on to this musical that was being done. It was The Wiz. I became Glinda. And got called back as Dorothy from 42nd Street the next year. I’ve also always performed with local groups and at family events from a very young age.

What excites you most about Black Enough?

What excites me most about Black Enough is it’s poetic artistry. And the colors. The colors are bomb.


How does Black Enough compare to your own college experience? 

Black Enough isn’t really relevant to my personal college experience as I was blessed to have attended predominantly Black schools all my life, and also have been included in predominantly Black spaces while in college. However, I had hit a crossroads at one point however where I didn’t feel I was Black enough for the Black people or any more comfortable with white people. 


What has been your favorite part of working on Black Enough?

My favorite part of Black Enough were opening myself up to get to know these new groups of people. I had told myself I would not let this experience go to waste so saturating in it was definitely a plus… Praying with the crew. Doing single head shots while everyone was watching. Dancing together. Eating together... It was a good time. 


What do you hope our audiences feel after watching Black Enough?

Hopefully our audience is able to FEEL our hard work through the screen. The compassion, the love, and the togetherness. 


What does #BlackGirlMagic mean to you?

#BLACKGIRLMAGIC means being yourSELF. Whatever that means to you at the time! Forcing others to meet your standards if they weren’t already. Sticking to your values. Knowing your place in spaces. Being feminine, being sexy, being strong. Kindness towards others. 

What's one fun fact about you?

I used to rap the Twista verse from Slow Jamz really well.

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