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Meet Brandi Jaray Mcleain, BrownSkinnedBarbie_72 on Black Enough

Brandi Jaray Mcleain is an actress from New Haven, Connecticut who plays BrownSkinnedBarbie_72 on Black Enough. 


How did you get interested in acting/performing?

All I can ever remember doing is performing. My first role was as “Sister Crab” in a Christmas Play when I was in the 3rd grade. I only had one line, but I craved the stage so much after that. I ended up signing up for anything that had me on stage: choir, tap, band, drama, I did it all! I found that acting fulfilled me in ways the other arts didn’t, so I poured my energy into it. 


What does it mean to you to be Black Enough?

Being Black Enough means we are not all the same. We don’t all love fried chicken, not all of us hate swimming, and we excel in academics in addition to the arts and athletics. It means that because we are Black we are enough, period. There is no list of requirements to be Black because we are all so different, and that’s what the world needs to realize. 


How did you get involved in Black Enough?

I saw a post about the audition information and knew it sounded like the type of story I’d want to be a part of. 


How does Black Enough compare to your own college experience? 

Black Enough is my college experience because I just graduated from a PWI located in one of the richest, most racist neighborhoods in Texas. Although Amaya’s story is very different from my own, I did meet people like her. I love that this show focuses on Black youth coming together for strength because that was truly all I had to depend on in college. 


What do you hope our audiences feel after watching Black Enough?

I hope they feel like they want more! More than anything, I want them to feel the love that went into making this story come to life. There are moments of intimacy and trust that couldn’t have been possible without the positive energy of everyone involved. 


What does #BlackGirlMagic mean to you?

It means that if you ever underestimate us, you will be proven wrong. 


What's one fun fact about you?

I can make the Perry-the-Platypus noise

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