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Meet Isaac Tolliver, Dre on Black Enough

Isaac Tolliver is an actor and (current!) college student from Gary, Indiana. He plays Dre on Black Enough

How did you get interested in acting/performing?

Growing up, I was surrounded by performers in my family. At the age of 9 I auditioned for my first play, and immediately fell in love with the craft.


How did you find out about/get involved in Black Enough?

My opportunity to get involved and work with Black Enough came after I approached the creator of BE herself! I expressed my appreciation for the project and was graciously brought on to film this amazing series. Thank you, Micah!


What excites you most about Black Enough?

The concepts and what it represents. Never before have I worked on a set with so much black creativity, and to see all of the magic come together is going to be the most satisfying!


What has been your favorite part of the Black Enough process?

My favorite part of the Black Enough process has been watching the continued growth of myself and others. This experience has been a light in our lives, and has definitely allowed me to see things from a new perspective.


What do you hope our audiences feel after watching Black Enough?

I know that our audience will definitely feel inspired. There’s just no way you can watch the transformation of these dynamic characters and the stories that they represent, and not relate, and feel like you too can discover your true self.


What's one fun fact about you?

A fun fact about myself is that I enjoy riding with the windows down on a country highway. Makes me feel free, you know?


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