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Meet Taylor Leigh Lamb, Meagan on Black Enough

Taylor Leigh Lamb is an actress and writer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She plays Meagan on Black Enough, and is also the Digital Media Strategist for the series. 


How did you get interested in acting/performing?

I can’t remember specifically what inspired me to start acting. I do know that I’ve been interested in it since at least the fifth grade, because it was very important to me to go to the middle school that I went to (it was the only public one in my city that taught theatre as an elective). I also went to a performing arts academy in High School so performing has been a very big deal to me all throughout my life. My relationship to theatre and storytelling has evolved though-- I’m not even sure that I'm primarily an actor anymore. 


What are you, primarily?

A writer. I think. Well I know I’m a writer, but I think I’m a writer primarily. I’ve been writing since before I even started acting (fiction when I was young, blog posts and articles as I got older), but I just recently started writing plays. I love it, and feel as though this may end up being my main contribution to the work. I’m super excited to try my hand at screenwriting as well. I’m certainly not ready to hang up my actor hat yet, though. And I was so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Black Enough cast. 


What does it mean to you to be Black Enough?

Growing up as a Black person automatically makes you Black Enough. 


How did you get involved in Black Enough?

I’ve been working with Micah on a variety of projects since our second year of college. She essentially has been stalking me for four years (I’m only half kidding). Micah emailed me in July of 2018 telling me she had a project she wanted me to be involved in social media marketing for. It read “Black Enough (working title).” Before I even read the proposal, I knew I would say yes. Then I read it and was absolutely certain. I could never say this to Micah’s face (she’d be too gassed), but everything she touches is magic. Once y’all see Black Enough, you’ll know this too. 


How does Black Enough compare to your own college experience? 

Well, the institution of Weston University is very similar to another PWI that I attended, which shall remain nameless. (Wahoowa!) I, fortunately, went through my questioning and belief that I may not have been “Black Enough” at a younger age than Amaya, so by the time I went to college I did not have quite the same struggles. However, I definitely relate to her knowing she needed to immerse herself within the Black community to survive. I was lucky to grow up in Virginia Beach which is a very diverse city, and I always had Black friends as well as friends of other races. But once I got to the aforementioned PWI where we were only 6% of the student population, I knew I needed my community. I’m so grateful to have found it, and I know Amaya will be too. 


What do you hope our audiences feel after watching Black Enough?

I want them to feel seen, heard, and loved by everything they’ve seen. I want them to fall in love with the words and images on their screen. But mostly… I want some Black women artists to say “Wait, a completely independent team made art THIS fire?... So, I can try to make art like that too, huh?” and then go out and do it. 


What does #BlackGirlMagic mean to you?

For me, #BlackGirlMagic means exactly what Cashawn Thompson, the creator of the movement, meant when she created it in 2013. It is to affirm the innate ability inside of all of us that helps us to thrive in a world which does every possible thing to stop that from happening. This quote from her tells me everything I need to know:

"I need everybody to understand that the Black Girl Magic movement was created by a woman who didn’t finish college, and had babies young, and grinded in menial jobs for years. This movement is for every black woman – the ratchet girls, the hood girls, the trans girls, the differently-abled girls. Black Girl Magic is for all of us.” 


What's one fun fact about you?

This may be cheating but I also am the Black Enough blog editor so I’ve decided it’s not. I have two! The first is that I’m a first degree black belt. The second is that I was once on a conference call with Denzel Washington. 

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