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Micah Ariel Watson

WRITER, director, and executive producer

What does it mean to be enough?

Feeling like you're not enough is feeling like you're anything less than loved by God. It's really easy to have a distorted image of ourselves, one that says that we're not worthy, that we're not good, or that we have to earn approval. But God says forget all of that: we've been loved infinitely from the jump. That means we're enough.


Taylor Lamb

digital Media strategist

When was a time you felt like you were not enough?

Growing up, I put a lot of pressure on myself to get good grades. It was completely self motivated-- my parents never pushed me. I've never been good at math and there was one quarter in middle school where I got a D. I was absolutely crushed, because so much of my self worth was tied in me thinking I was smart. I truly felt like I wasn't enough at that point in my life. (Luckily, it all worked out). 


Justin Reeves


When was a time when you felt like you weren’t enough?

To be not enough is to be undervalued, underestimated, and under appreciated. A time when I felt I wasn’t enough was when I was in the accelerated reading class in 4th grade doing really well. Well, my teacher also did assessments each week but would never post the scores. One Friday the assistant principal came in and asked for the scores. She found out I had the highest score and congratulated me and everyone clapped. My teacher said, well it is amazing that he does so well and doesn’t feel uncomfortable reading out loud in this class giving he’s the only different student here. Of course referring to the fact I was the only student of color in the class.


Charity Hicks

Music Supervisor


Joshua Palmer

producer, and 1st ASSISTANT director

Not feeling enough is constant — it’s an almost inseparable part of me. Whether it was dealing with anti-semitism in middle school, degrading “jokes” from “friends” in high school that destroyed my backbone or my come to consciousness that my grades weren’t going to cut it for college admissions— building up self doubt — not being enough has always been there. At the same time, who am I without it? Purging hate is now a big part of my life, I’m mindful about the people who I decide to let into my life, and I built up a work ethic that allowed me to graduate a semester early from the University of Virginia. So here’s to the Balance in all things.


Jeremy Rodney-Hall

Director of photography

I felt like I wasn’t enough when growing up in school I could be cool with everyone but didn’t have a group of friends to be with. I was the funny guy and would float around between people so I felt like I wasn’t enough. Not being into the same shows, hobbies, environment, etc so I felt to them I wasn’t enough.


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Randy Melton

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